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All day breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Pots & Bowls is born with the intention to create a space that everyone can enjoy, wether you are a family of five or a digital nomad passing through you can find comfort in our open seating. We offer sweet and salty bowls along with a variety of plates and drinks that can be enjoyed at any time during the day.

Our values are focused on a sustainable way of living with farm and sea-to-table produce along with seasonal vegetables and fruits that offer fresh ingredients year round free of additives and preservatives. We like to think of our concept as being health – conscious with homemade ingredients like milks, sauces and creams that add unique flavors to our plates.

We are also conscious of allergies and restrictions you may have during your visit. 

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From handmade mugs to apparel from emerging fashion designers, we're proud to support local, innovative artists.

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